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Sahara Trek

April 10-17 th

The desert is for us “the Adventure”. It’s our childish dream.
Because it combines in one, all the elements that we love: the magic of a camp night, the beauty of a wild sunset on the dunes, the deepness of a silent walk and the power of sharing, cause when you are alone in the middle of nowhere you create boundaries that are for life.

Monviso Trek

August 21-26 th

The desert is for us “the Adventure”. It’s our childish dream.
Because it combines in one, all the elements that we love: the magic of a camp night, the beauty of a wild sunset on the dunes, the deepness of a silent walk and the power of sharing, cause when you are alone in the middle of nowhere you create boundaries that are for life.

Maira Valley

July 02-07th

The Maira Valley is a small natural paradise in the mountains of Piedmont, Italy.

It’s our favourite place to unplug, relax and recharge.

This trek takes you to discover a remote area rich in traditions, history and exquisite food.

A 6 days hike on scenic paths through endless meadows, wild streams, colourful flowers, majestic mountains and picturesque villages.

This adventure is made to deeply reconnect you with nature and to experience the magic of the alpine dimension.




Travel consultant, tour leader and travel writer

Patrizia has been working as a travel consultant and tour guide for more than 10 years. She has organized trips and expeditions in the 5 continents, always looking for off the beaten track destinations.

Graduated in modern languages and literatures she has worked as a reporter for the Italian tv and collaborates with several magazines writing about travel and lifestyle.

Loves the outdoor, surfing, hiking and everything that reconnects her to nature.




Outdoor experiences consultant and yoga teacher

Fulvia is the outdoor experiences specialist. Our reference on the Italian territory for all the outdoor activities including mtb, trekking, hot air balloon, sailing and retreats. Hatha Yoga teacher certified Yoga Alliance and professional tour leader.

She has lived in different countries immersing herself in the local culture. She loves discovering remotes areas with her van, biking, hiking and all that has to do with nature.




Producer & Photographer

Marie is a producer & photographer based in France. Bringing people together and creating something with a message is her aspiration and keeps her going with a positive attitude.

Her stories and photographs have been published in several magazines. Her films are always combined with an inspirational message and some of them have been screened at film festivals already. She is getting her inspiration from nature and loves to explore what the world has to offer.




Director, travel expert and guide, rally pilot, paraglide & hang gliding instructor, mtb instructor, balloon pilot, travel writer...

Fabrizio is the founder of Avventurasport. He started exploring the world in the early 80s with his first paraglide expedition on the Jebel Toubkal, sponsored by Renault and Nikon. Since then he organized many others: trips, expeditions, events and experiences around the world combining his skills as a sportsman with his knowledge of the environment. He writes travel books and guides.

He is our travel guru, weather expert, trusted mechanic, favourite pilot and emergency line.


It all started in 1985: an handglide, a kayak and a big desire of exploring the world.

Avventurasport was born. It was all about following our guts, having fun.

In 37 years as a tour operator, we had the chance to explore the most remote areas of the planet and to share our knowledge and passion with people from all over the world.

Avventuratribe borns from the same desire of exploring, of creating. As the “two daughters” we grew up in the family business: organizing expeditions, events and leading trips. But there was something more, all the powerful people we met during our trips were inspiring us, giving us love and freedom, we wanted to create our own tribe.

Avventuratribe is a tour operator creating outdoor experiences, bringing people together.
We share our knowledge and passion to create adventures worldwide.



Avventuratribe organized our honeymoon in Brazil!
They took great care of all the details, really tailored the trip to our needs and desires. We discovered an authentic Brazil, really off the beaten path and we had an incredible adventure! I definitely recommend them!

Alix, Paris


I have travelled a lot on my own and I always wanted to go on a trek in the Sahara, but I didn’t really feel like joining a group. A friend suggested me Avventura, I have to say I was a little reluctant at the beginning, but as soon as I talked with Patrizia on the phone I felt a great connection. The trip was just perfect, I could see they had great knowledge of the desert and they took us to an incredibly beautiful and wild area. I had one of the best trips of my life.

Celine, London


I have a really busy life and not much time to travel unfortunately. I want to get the best out of my week of holidays. Avventuratribe did a great job, the Monviso Trek was an awesome experience, I could really disconnect and enjoy the authenticity of the Italian Alps.

Deborah, Frankfurt


Avventuratribe organized a private trek in Nepal for me and three friends. We had an incredible time over there, we would have never been able to do it on our own. The staff was friendly, a bit crazy, but so funny to trek with them, we had the chance to spend time with local communities and getting to know the Annapurna area as if we were locals!

Malo, Sweden


I always wanted to do a sailing trip and when I found Avventura and their sailing trip in Sardinia, I didn’t have to think a second about joining. On top I wanted to see my own country from a new perspective. Words cant describe how good it was. The skipper and the crew were so friendly, we had awesome days with sparkling water, refreshing swims, snorkeling and much more. Our guide Patrizia was super open to spontaneously adapt the trip depending on what we wanted to do. Can’t wait for the next adventure!

Olga, Italy

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